Lonesome Kind

Produced by Miles Wilkinson and Mark Koenig
Engineered by Miles Wilkinson and Gerry Woolsey
Second engineer Marek Forysinski
Mixed by Miles Wilkinson at SBK Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Recorded at Beta Sound Recorders, Edmonton, Alberta; Homeplace Studios, Nashville, Tennesse, SBK Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Mastered by Denvry Purcell at Georgetown Masters, Nashville, Tennessee
Mark O'Connor appears courtesy of Warner Bros.
Jerry Douglas appears courtesy of MCA, Master Series
Michael J. Henderson appears courtesy of Curb Records
Cover Photo: Jeth Weinrich
Design: Red Motel Pictures Corp.

Lonesome Kind

Trail of Tears
She Looks Alot Like You
Your Turn to Fall
It's a Big World
Don't She Get Lonely
Pretty Eyes
David's Stone
Evening Star
The Lonesome Kind
The Playing

Acoustic Guitars:
Mark Koenig
Gary Koliger

Electric Guitar:
Jeff Bradshaw
Gary Koliger
Michael J. Henderson
Ray Flacke

Drums: Tim Lent
Bass Guitar: Mike Lent
Acoustic Bass:  Mike Lent
Steel Guitar: Jeff Bradshaw
Hammond B-3: Biff Watson
Fiddle and Mandolin:  Mark O'Connor
Accordion: Teddy Borowiecki
The Singing

Mark Koenig
Harry Stinson
Denis Wilson
Stephanie Davis

"If this is Mark Koenig’s first effort he shows the talent to be a mega-star.  Both as a singer and as a songwriter.  Great ear pleaser! "
 Wayne Krokback, Thunder Bay Post 


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