Livin This Life

Produced by Mark Koenig
Recorded, Engineered and Mastered On the T.A.W.S Mobile Recording System by Miles Wilkinson

Recorded in my home in Creston, B.C., Tim Leacock's garage in Calgary, Alberta and Miles Wilkinson's living room in Nashville, Tennessee

Paintings my Mr. James McDowell, Creston, B.C.

Album Design by Michael & Vanessa Farnsworth

This album is dedicated to Guy Clark who told me to "write about what you know Mark, not about what you don't know."

Livin' This Life

Livin' This Life
Tough Luck
Everybody's Got A Ghost or Two
Follow Me
My Love
I'm A Kid
Over Board
I've Been A Wanderer
Ain't Gonna Do No Good For Me
Hey Now
Secret Room
End Of A Perfect Day
The Playing

Acoustic Guitars:
Mark Koenig
Wilf Warkentin

Electric Guitar:
Mark Koenig
Wilf Warkentin

Drums: Kyle Koenig
Electric Bass: Gary Snow
Steel Guitar, Dobro: Jeff Bradshaw
Mandolin: Kalen Wild
Fiddle:  Neil MacDonald, Carl Sommerfeld
Lap Steel: Rick Potyok
Percussion: Adam Koenig
The Singing

Mark Koenig
Harry Stinson
Lew Truscott
Gary Snow
Elena Yeung

"A veteran singer, songwriter and performer, Koenig has a unique ability to write songs that are fresh and yet somehow familiar. "
Lorne Eckersley, Creston Valley Advance 


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